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When you ask the littlest member of the family to be a flower girl you are giving her a big responsibility. Including a sweet, cute Flower girl in your Wedding is a perfect way to add a touch of charm and innocence in it. But, this can happen only if she is fully prepared for her role and comfortable with her

To make her confident enough to spread smile in Wedding when each and every eye is on her, explain the young lady her part and how she needs to perform it. Make her practice everything and get settled with it, so as to empower her to convey the absolute best and in this manner go according to your desires. If you want to make your young flower girl to spread flower petals down the aisle, make sure that she do it appropriately. Better to let her skill numerous petals to toss at once.

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If she is going to hold a basket or bouquet of flowers matching the bride’s, outwear, i.e., yours dress, make sure that the basket or bouquet is not much heavy. Make her a part of your Wedding Photographs as this will be one of the most precious memory of yours as well as her life.


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