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Flower Girls play a significant role in your big day, so it is their right to have a lovely gown that makes them feel confident, look cute and camera ready for this special day.

Portrait of adorable kid girl with floral wreath

Choosing the dress for your flower girl. Prices for the dresses vary depending on the size, designer and fabric. A bride can choose the flower girl dress matching with her wedding dress. Take your flower girl for the fittings to make sure that the dress is suitable, comfortable and not too long for her, to avoid tripping or tugging during the ceremony. Floor-length dresses can be tricky, especially if your flower girl is young and not used to walking in something so long. In this case, you can go for shortening the hem by an inch or two.

Coming to Jewellery, you can keep it simple! Go for small pearl studs earrings and a simple bracelet. They are perfect for the wedding day. Just make sure your flower girl knows it is not the time to break out her favorite large, plastic ring!


You can shop for flower girl dresses and jewellery  online. Visit Wallao for a varied range in flower girl dresses. You can find different styles, colors, and patterns for your cute princess.