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Are you looking for attire that makes your flower girl stand out of the crowd? Are you looking for something that makes her appear just like you?
Well, every bride wishes to get her flower girl dressed like her. This is, after all, the best way to compliment the beauty of both.

Although it is a great idea, it needs a lot of efforts!!
Firstly, it is quite tough to get your flower girl a dress similar to yours. Dresses with same color, texture, fabrics but different sizes- it is quite a daunting process especially in the time of Wedding. This is also because the skin of children is too sensitive to go with any fabrics
So, what to do in this case?

  • You can go for a dress like this one. It is made by using so many colors that the same dress can go with various themes.


Also, the flower pattern is perfect to bring a smile on the child’s face.

  • In case, you do not find the dress as per your requirement, look for other alternatives like a sash, headband, necklace, and other accessories.
    Just look at this dress from Wallao’s collection. It is a white gown with a removable blue sash and a blue headband.


Since the sash is removable, you can use the same dress with some other color sash. See, an amazing way to reuse the same dress but with a refreshing look!
You can also make your flower girl look stunning, just like you by making her wear jewelry similar to yours.

And the most amazing thing is that you can get all this at affordable prices at Wallao. So, to enjoy the best from your imagination and budget, visit Wallao and browse thousands of elegant flower girl dresses.