A Special Wedding with Flower Girl


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If you want a special wedding to be planned? Everything needs to be perfect! From the bride’s dress to the bridesmaid dresses. The question now is what about the flower girl? How will they add charm to your special day?

pink wings

When we talk about a flower girl, she usually wears the mini version of the bride’s dress, completing her look with a basket decorated with ribbons and flower petals inside. The primary role of the flower girl is to continue following the bride blowing bubbles and spreading flowers to create a romantic atmosphere when the bride walks down the aisle. The camera will love them as well. If the flower girl is shy, involve her in all wedding events so she can become friendly with all the bridesmaids, the wedding procedures and the level of formality that will be asked of her. You can also choose her best friend who can support her during the ceremony, giving confidence through each other’s company.


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Looking for amazing Offers on Flower Girl Dresses?


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If you are on a budget and want a gorgeous dress for your daughter that won’t be a burden on your pocket, Wallao is an ideal place for you. It is one of the leading online kids stores in the United States. Not just limited to flower girl dresses with high-quality fabric and breathtaking looks, Wallao offers incredible discount offers on each dress. Let’s have a look at its vast collection:

Rose Petal Dresses: These are one of the super cool, comfortable, flawless flower girl dresses available in the market. This dress is perfect to gift your daughter if you want her to display a chic look in the Wedding occasion.


The beautiful dress shown above is from Wallao’s extensive collection. You can enjoy a discount of 36% on this amazingly adorable attire.

Curly Bottom Dresses: This is a classically sweet option in cheap flower girl dresses collection.


The fabric of the dress shown above is just the best to add more glam to it. You can get this attractive outfit at a discount of 33% of its market price.

Tulle Dresses: Whatever be the trend, these dresses remain an absolutely cute and elegant choice.


This exquisite dress is straight out of a fairytale! Get 34% off on this fascinating outfit from Wallao.

Visit Wallao today and gift a dress adding on to the angelic beauty of your sweet little girl- the Flower girl of a Wedding. With a dress from Wallao, your little princess will grab the attention of everyone with her every inch perfect dress.

Dresses that Makes Your Princess look Fabulous!!


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Have you decided which style will you be dressing your Flower girl in? No! Then get ready! Go for it!! It’s time to be more girly! It’s time to showcase your style, your taste!

A Flower girl is the second most gorgeous lady of the day who steals everyone’s heart in the Wedding party. She might be just a little angel of 3 to 8 years, but her innocent face and sweet smile is enough to make the moment more memorable. Since she is too small to decide a dress for her, it’s your duty to give full attention to choosing a dress showcasing her beauty.

Choosing a gown for your cute angel is the best opportunity to add colors to your Wedding. Well, here are some of the gorgeous dresses from Wallao’s collection:

  • This dreamlike Rose Petal dress is just perfect for any princess with its glittering style.


  • Get excited! This lovely outfit comes in all sizes!


  • This sweet dress is overflowing with sweet details- absolutely great to enhance her beauty.


  • Show your love towards this cute baby with this adorable attire.


Wallao offers unbelievably gorgeous outfits for little, sweet princesses and cute, handsome boys. It has a little bit of everything, every designer’s work to make it possible for you to choose the dress that is ultimate, the dress that makes the smallest member of your Wedding party feel delighted.

Check out once! You would love the perfect flower girl dresses collection of Wallao.

Flower Girl Dresses You’ll Love


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A Flower Girl is the most special guest at the Wedding. She not only comforts the bride with her innocent, childish nature but also sets the mood of the occasion. When she walks down the aisle scattering rose petals in the path of the bride, she is the one that steals the heart of guests with her angelic look. In fact, she is the second most beautiful lady at the occasion.

instagram pic 3rd march
Want to impress your guests in a unique way? Want people to admire you through this little princess? If yes, then waste no more time in thinking! Just visit Wallao and get an adorable outfit for your sweet flower girl.

Wallao is one of the leading online shopping places for kids wear across the Greater Los Angeles, United States. It is renowned for serving its clients with the exquisite quality of product and shipping service. Not just attires for cute, little girls, but Wallao has a vast collection of costumes for boys also.

Visit today! You would inevitably fall for the beautiful flower dresses available in its collection. Place the order and bring a smile on the face of your charming princess.

Just try once! You’ll surely love your Flower girl’s look in the outfit from Wallao’s collection.

Giving your Flower Girl a Makeover


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Everybody in the wedding is concerned about every detail of the bride. Bride’s dress, makeup, hairstyle are always on priority. But we can’t forget the special little guest of the day. Treating the flower girl to a beauty makeover on the wedding day is also very important! Flower girls should be given a matching hairstyle and makeup with her dress. Here are some of the hairstyle and makeup tips for your little princess. Basically,the most important thing is that your flower girl’s makeup should be soft, pretty and natural.


With this White and Red Cherry Dress from Wallao, you can apply a little foundation as the base, subtle blusher on the cheeks and finally apply a lip gloss. You can even add a flower band to their hair or a flower and a splash of fine glitter. This creates a lovely effect without looking made up.


This is an another amazing flower girl dress from Wallao. You can blow dry the little flower girl’s hair, roll it or leave it straight. Add flowers or other accessories for a more sophisticated look. Prefer nude makeup with the glittery dresses. She is not a beauty show piece, so a touch of little translucent powder, lip gloss and a light stroke of blush is more than enough.

In the end, just make sure your flower girl is confident enough to carry herself. Her innocent smile should win the hearts of the guests.

Prepare the Flower Girl for Your Wedding


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When preparing for the Wedding, couples always like their nearest and dearest ones to play significant roles in the ceremony. Deciding on whom to include in your wedding party can often be a difficult decision, especially when it is about kids. Kids might be difficult to handle in the Wedding ceremony but at some point in the course of the wedding planning, they add beauty to your Big day by being Flower Girls and Ring Bearers.


The flower girl is a vital part of the wedding ceremony. So, it is necessary to boost her comfort level by choosing perfect flower girl attire for her. The flower girl’s dress is usually a tiny version of the bridal gown or the bridesmaid dresses. But don’t limit her beauty by following this traditional approach of dressing; rather choose an unusual attire for your beautiful princess. It is often said that any dress that is comfortable, attractive and matches with the theme of the wedding will do.


You can make a choice from the breath-taking, affordable collection of flower girl dresses at Wallao. It is the most trusted online shopping portal that offers free shipping and timely deliveries. Its extensive range includes dresses in every shape such as- A-Line, Ball Gown, Sheath dresses and styles such as- Flower Girl Dress, Pick Up Dress, Communion Dress, Pageant Dress, and many more. You can also choose from your favorite necklines such as- Bateau, Halter, Jewel, Modest, and V-Neck. Visit Wallao and indulge—in so much excitement, for so little!

Let your “Flower Girl” Steal the Million Hearts!!


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Wedding is the most auspicious and cheerful occasion. Flower girl alleviates the joyful environment with her sheer innocence at the wedding. Let her walk down that aisle with confidence and pride as she has a significant role to play at your wedding ceremony. Dress up your flower girl in a superb way so that, she can steal everyone’s heart at the wedding.


Every flower girl deserves to look and feel special. Discover gorgeous flower girl dresses and accessories at Wallao that are best to compliment her beauty and purity. Wallao’s collection consists of exceptional flower girl dresses in lovely colors, such as Sangria, Regency, Golden, Cognac, Persimmon, Truffle, Oasis, Pewter, and many more. All dresses are available at irresistibly low prices. Not only beautiful dresses, you can also find matching accessories to complete the look.


Do not waste your time!! Just visit Wallao and find a perfect dress for every flower girl in your wedding party. It is an elite online shopping website with largest collection of flower girl dresses and accessories. Other than that you can also choose from a varied range of boy’s suits and tuxedos. Shipping is available in more than one hundred countries with easy returns and exchange.

Make Your Flower Girl Look Unique!!!!


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Is your Flower girl nervous? Might be you also? It is obvious after all she’s just a kid of 4-8 years with great responsibility.

The best way to make your Flower girl feel comfortable is to make her feel special and important. Choosing a sweet dress as per your wedding theme and her wish is not enough. Also, look for various accessories to make her look stunning and give a unique look to your wedding, of course!


Here are few accessories to give a unique look to your little angel and wedding:

  • Ribbon Wands: Do you also feel that scattering rose petals is old-fashion? If yes, then take no time to replace the flower petals with ribbon wands. The flower girls and ring bearers coming down the aisle waving those ribbon wands will, no doubt, steal everyone’s heart. You can also go for a bunch of wands and have your guest wave them throughout the best moments of the Wedding ceremony.


  • Flower girl sign boards: Flower girls welcoming the Bride with flower petals is too common. Want something different? Handover the Sign boards to your flower girls instead of a flower basket. It’s simple, and the little girls would love to hold them.


  • Fairy Wings: Kids love to be a part of a fairy tale. Add fairy wings to her costume. Your flower girl would feel delighted with her angelic look.


  • Headbands: Headbands matching the Flower girl dress can make her look exceptionally beautiful.


With Wallao, make your Flower girl look more special and also, add the “aaah” factor to your Wedding! Wallao is the leading online kids wear store in the United States. From flower girl dresses to flower girl accessories to ring bearer dresses, it has an outstanding range to choose from. Visit today and make your cute Flower girl look unique!

Ways to Make Your Flower Girl Look Oustanding


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Who says Flower girls must wear White gowns with Satin ballet flats only? In present days, flower girls have lots of options to choose from and steal everyone’s heart with their stunning look. Have a look at the following options to enhance your Flower girl’s look:

  • Flower Crowns: A Flower crown or headpiece adds a heavenly touch to a flower girl’s look. Whether it’s a woodland wedding, bohemian tie affair, garden party, theme occasion or destination wedding, it is just the perfect option to make your cute princess look amazingly great.



  • Colorful Dresses: Brides, nowadays, wishes their Wedding to be chic and upbeat. They want splashes of colors all around! The best option is to choose flower girl dresses with the same style but different colors. Flower girls wearing colorful outfits with the same style will make your Wedding liver and brighter. Keep in mind that you mix and match only those colors that complement with each other.


  • Fairy Wings: The fairy wings are undoubtedly one of the favorite flower girl accessories of any girl. This can not only make the cute princess get excited about the Wedding but also complements a Bohemian, fantastic occasion.


Dress up your Flower girls using above tips. Visit Wallao to buy flower girl dresses and accessories. With Wallao’s collection, let your flower girls rock in the Wedding!

Flower Girl- Showstopper of Your Wedding!!


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The Wedding day is the most special time in everyone’s life. We all want everything just to be perfect, everyone to look great. Besides Bride and Groom, a Flower girl is the center of attraction at the wedding. The charming little girl walks down the aisle ahead of the bride sprinkling red rose petals with her tiny hands. Flower girl adds a whole lovely feel to the wedding. She is the apple of everyone’s eye. The bride or the groom is emotionally attached to the flower girl as she is usually closely related to them.

pink wings
Whether it is a traditional wedding or a modern one, choosing a stunning outfit for your flower girl is one of the essential things. She accompanies the bride at the wedding. Usually, a flower girl is dressed in coordination with the bride, but this concept is little old now. Don’t go for the conventional designs rather choose an exquisite looking dress for your angel. Make your girl look divine with the help of Wallao.

V Neck Dress
Wallao is a one stop shop for showstopper Flower girl dresses and accessories. It is the online shopping portal in the United States that offers an exclusive collection of Flower girl dresses, Boys’ Suits, Tuxedos and Kids Wear. Visit Wallao today!!